Windecker Woodturning | Gray, SK


In 2016, Dave Windecker became interested in working more with his lathe, and to get his two daughters away from becoming electronic zombies.  They stuck their toes into the water and have been swimming ever since.

They started making pens out of unique materials such as wood, antlers, acrylics, and even started casting their own resin blanks with pinecones/acorns – and of course sparkles. They have expanded to try other items like keychain pill holders, toothpick holders, mini pens, crochet hooks, bowls, and Christmas ornaments to name a few.  They participated in their first local craft show in Gray, SK in 2017, and thus began Windecker Woodturning.  All three are members of the Regina Chapter of the South Saskatchewan Woodturning Guild.

Dave is a father of 4 children – Ava (13), Emma (11), and 5-year-old twin boys Gabriel and Lukas.  He, his wife Mandy and family reside on a small hobby acreage.  The family enjoys raising chickens/turkeys/ducks/riding recreational vehicles and motorcycles, and camping.

Our Vision

Everyday our artists continue to inspire us to do our best. Everything we do is to enhance your shopping experience and ensure you walk away with more than just a shopping bag.

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