Sharon Eisbrenner | Regina, SK

Jewelry   Wall  Art   

“The ability of colour to set mood, and invoke emotions and memories fascinates me. Even if the subject is imaginary, the feelings that colour can provoke are very real.

My paintings start with powdered pigments applied in gestures that can seem random and chaotic. Afterwards, drawing with a pen, I explore the surface of the paper to find the underlying images and the spaces between them.”

“My strongest influences are the Impressionists, and the Japanese woodblock print artists that inspired them. Like them, I hope to captivate the viewer by colour, evocative composition and meandering lines.”

Sharon was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated in 1976 from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Computer Science. After more than 30 years as a computer professional, Sharon let loose her creativity to discover her inner artist.

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