Rodney Peterson | Nipawin, SK


I was born in Duncan, BC during WWII and spent much of my youth moving from one construction site to another with my family.  For the past four decades, my life has been spent in Nipawin with my wife Hazel and our four children.  I worked in many fields from construction, to taxi driver, prospector and as a physics teacher, before devoting my time to turning wood.

My heart lies in the Boreal Forest region of Saskatchewan where I have resided since 1971.  The laughing streams, silent forests, camouflaged wildlife, and echoing storms have inspired me to express my joy in living in this awesome environment.  By sharing the sense of wonder and joy through these creative woodturnings from the Boreal Forest, I hope to convey some of the majesty of our Saskatchewan Northland.  Be they functional, decorative or strange I hope my work will speak of the pleasure and joyful inspiration I experienced as they evolved from my hands.

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