Reagan Lowe | Regina, SK


I have always been drawn to the textures, patterns, and colours of fabric. For many years I dabbled in a wide range of sewing projects.  While in University, I was given a pattern for a ‘Swoop Eagle’ star blanket and completed my first Star Quilt, which I gifted to my God-daughter.  I fell in love with creating the star pattern and the quilting process, so my journey into quilt making and fabric art began.

In making star quilts and incorporating the eight-point morning star design in my pieces, it has allowed me to connect with my Métis heritage. Over the past few years, I have merged contemporary fabrics (often hand-dyed batiks) with the traditional morning star pattern to create quilts and other functional pieces such as tote bags, baby car seat covers, purse/make up pouches and table runners. As I love modern patterns and designs, I have also created pieces that incorporate bargello quilt design and the ‘Take Four’ table runner pattern.

Star Blankets are believed to have their own personality and spirit and are intended to be given away to show honor, protection, and celebration. It is my desire to create pieces that represent ‘walking two worlds’ and honor the star quilt tradition while integrating my love for modern fabrics, designs and colours.

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