Parsons Dietrich Pottery | Moose Jaw, SK


Wendy Parsons holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Regina and a Masters degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester.U.K.  Zach Dietrich is a graduate of the University of Regina. He then attended pottery classes at the University of Regina Extension Department for two years, before moving to Endeavour with Wendy Parsons and setting up a pottery studio. At Endeavour they built and fired a wood burning kiln. In 1980 they moved to Moose Jaw where they bought a little church for a studio/gallery and built a gas fired kiln.

Zach and Wendy are co-owners of Parsons Dietrich Pottery where they have a studio and gallery.

Our Vision

Everyday our artists continue to inspire us to do our best. Everything we do is to enhance your shopping experience and ensure you walk away with more than just a shopping bag.

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