Mel Malinowski | Wishart, SK

Clay   Wall  Art   

After almost thirty years of clay being thrown next to furnaces, in garages, outside, and in spare bedrooms, among other places, Hippo Pottery finally has a permanent home of its own. Situated in Wishart, two and a half hours east of Saskatoon and forty five minutes north of Fort Qu’Appelle, “the Hippo’s” new home is a converted old farmhouse which was moved into town decades ago. A perfect set-up right across the street from our house, it also has a small gallery and visiting area plus an extra room used as a painting studio. Come and visit. Calling ahead is a good idea.

Our Vision

Everyday our artists continue to inspire us to do our best. Everything we do is to enhance your shopping experience and ensure you walk away with more than just a shopping bag.

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