Linda Rea | Regina, SK

Glass   Jewelry   

I grew up in Southeastern Saskatchewan surrounded by the wonderful vastness and simplicity of a prairie vista.  Yet, as you approach, the scene becomes full of texture and elements.  I feel my kiln formed work reflects this.  They have one appearance when viewed from a distance and yield many more details on closer inspection.

My work is both beautiful and functional (and therefore, food safe though I recommend hand washing and that you do not put them in the oven or microwave).  Each piece is handmade using glass pieces, shards, frits (small pieces of crushed glass) and glass powder.  Fusible handmade sheet glass comes in many colours, thickness and surfaces.  Pieces are cut, cleaned, cold worked and then assembled.  Each piece is made from at least two layers of glass.  The items are then placed in a kiln and fired to approximately 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  After more cold working, the firing process is then repeated to slump the piece into shape.  Irregularities, colour variation, bubbles and ripples are an intrinsic part of this handmade glass, contributing to the uniqueness of each piece.

Our Vision

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