Leif Ellefson | Regina, SK


Growing up in Regina, we had a family business which I started working in as early as 10 years old.

My art has always been a part of me.  I drew a lot as a child and was sculpting by Grade 4.  After high school I did take some art classes in university, but after a couple of years I went to baking school.  I was already a skilled cake decorator by this time from working in the bakery, so I took a chocolatier course, and a rolled fondant course for wedding cakes.

During all this I continued to do oil paintings.  Many aspects of drawing, painting, sculpting, and food preparation compliment each other.  I picked up wood carving around 6 years ago and found this was another medium I enjoyed working with – even more than cakes and oils.  My preference is carving faces, and I continue to expand my skill set with relief carving and pyrography.

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