Hazel Zaharik | Regina, SK

Wall  Art   

Who would have thought that winning a carton of ice cream as a Leader Post Colouring contest prize when I was in grade school would have eventually led to exhibiting in “Into The Forest” at the Art Gallery of Regina after I retired?  There has been a very long pause between these two events but I have always remained interested in art.

I have taken numerous art classes, both for my BA/BEd (Visual Arts) at the U. of R. in the early 70’s, and for enjoyment (after raising a family and then retiring as a teacher/librarian).  After taking a wide variety of art classes I wanted to share the love of making art with like-minded people, so joined two art guilds in Regina – Aurora and Brushworks – and was later invited to become a member of the newly formed Regina Art Collective.  This journey has resulted in many rewarding experiences, and in the meeting of many wonderful, talented people – both colleagues and instructors.

Nature has offered me endless possibilities to paint.  Initially, I concentrated on watercolour florals, then acrylic florals, then acrylic landscapes.  Now landscapes have become my passion.  I endeavor to capture the wonder of shimmering reflections, turbulent skies, waving prairie grasses, and the intricacies of our forest vegetation.  It is the beauty of subtle colours, textures, and the play of light and shadow that fascinate me the most.  Trying to portray these is what presents me both with the challenges and rewards of painting scenes from nature.

I continue to reside in Regina with my husband Bernie, although I have lived in Saskatoon, Le Ceiba (Honduras), Toronto, Ottawa, and St. Catherines.  We have two daughters, two sons-in-law, two grandsons, and a grand puppy and a grand cat!

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