Garth Harrison | Martensville, SK

Unique Treasures   

Garth Harrison is an educator who first began working with birchbark as a study into lost or nearly lost Native art forms.  He was first introduced to the art of birchbark biting by Sally Milne, an Elder and birchbark artist from Lac La Ronge whom Garth had come to his classroom to demonstrate the art of birchbark “biting”.  Garth found that he had the proper bite to perform the art and took it up as a hobby.  Over time he was encouraged to explore his ability by friends and Elders within the community.

He has been a birchbark artist for over 19 years now and his work can be found in over 30 countries around the world.

Garth has gone on to use birchbark for other artistic creations and now designs birdhouses, miniature canoes, moose calls, ornaments and tree toppers.

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