Erin Pell | Saskatoon, SK

Glass   Jewelry   

I have been making glass beads since 1999.  Originally, I was apprenticing with a glassblower in Palm Springs, California.  While working with him I started playing around with lampworking, and I haven’t stopped since.  Through experimenting and learning from mistakes, I have been making and selling jewelry since I was 13 years old but have been around the arts my entire life.  Both of my parents are craftspeople, and I attended my first craft show at 2 months old (I slept under the table).

Each piece of glass is handmade by melting a glass rod in the flame of a torch.  Through different ways of applying the glass and sculpting it I create all the beads and pendants one at a time.  All pieces are properly annealed for strength.

Our Vision

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