Cindy Obuck | Regina, SK

Fibre   Jewelry   Wall  Art   

I am a mixed media artist from Regina, SK.  I work full-time as a Visual Designer, and about 15 years ago I fell in love with the idea of using wool as my art medium.  I create felt sculptures that are quirky, abstract and fun!  My series “Spirit Woman” was created as my way of expressing concerns over women’s mental health and issues we face in our society.

The sculptures are created using both needle and wet felting techniques.  I add beads, yarns, silks, polymer clay, wax, tree branches, and-dyed wool, and in some cases – handwritten messages.

2 years ago, I became enchanted with the wonderful world of encaustics.  Encaustics is an ancient medium that is known for its luminosity, layering and texture ability.  I combine oil sticks, pastels, and India ink into the wax to create bright, luscious imagery.  The unpredictability of the melting wax is what has really captivated me.  As I continue to explore this medium, you will see various abstract and impressionistic styles emerge.

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