Cara Gay Driscoll | Regina, SK


Cara Driscoll does not consider herself a potter in the traditional sense of creating functional products.  It is the hand-building process that excites and challenges her and offer her the ideal vehicle to express herself.

Hand-coiling is a traditional vessel-making technique.  It is a time-consuming process which Cara notes, allows her to pay homage to the past while negating society’s preoccupation with time.  The hand-coiled vessels are made of tiny extruded coils, the design of which give added meaning to the form.  Smooth, even lines depict peace, while wavy lines depict emotion.

I am intrigued by the metaphorical association of these hand-coiled vessels with the human figure.  I also associate the interior of the vessel with private thoughts and feelings.  The vessels are objects of personal expression that let me comment on conventional beliefs about female identity and historical accounts.

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