Brian Ganong | Regina, SK


Sourced from the World, crafted for the Prairies.

Quiet mediations on the shores of Good Spirit Lake in central Saskatchewan precipitated the aesthetic ideals that have come to shape the work at Devil’s Lake Design.

Brian’s past has been one of varied experience as opposed to preordained direction, which has led him to passionately creating works that speak as much to the eye as they do to the heart.  Appreciating art on a wall in a gallery or a store is important; almost as important as being able to envision that art as part of your everyday life.  Fusing both ideals at once in a piece of functional art that is even more deeply appreciated when shared with others is the central tenant of Devil’s Lake Design.

A strong desire to stand alone and to be one of one, not one of many.  An appreciation of heritage with a desire to meld traditions and function.  Mix in an appreciation for post modernism with a bit of try anything at least once attitude and you have the recipe for hand-built wood serving boards.  Who woulda thought …

Our Vision

Everyday our artists continue to inspire us to do our best. Everything we do is to enhance your shopping experience and ensure you walk away with more than just a shopping bag.

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