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Jacqueline Berting grew up in St. Gregor, Saskatchewan.  She attended Red Deer College, Alberta in 1987, and Sheridan College, Ontario from 1987-1990 where she majored in glass.  She also studied Iron Arts and Blacksmithing at Penland School of Art in North Carolina in 1990.

In 1991, she began the Glass Wheatfield encompassing 14,000 waist high glass wheat stalks, each hand-cut and lamp worked.  In 2005, Jacqueline received a Medal of Honor for her contributions to the Province of Saskatchewan.

James Clark was born in Billings, Montana and relocated to Saskatchewan.  He has been working creatively with photography and metal since childhood, and glass for 20 years.  Clark studied glass sculpture under Scott Darlington.

Married to Jacky Berting together they have worked on large sand cast installations: including the glass House of Perception, the New Fine Arts Campus Cafeteria, The Story Wall located in Iqualuit, and a wall situated at Weyburn City Hall titled “Generations of Memories”.

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